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From project execution to management, market penetration & launch, We are with you.

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Right Professionals.

With us, knowing the right people & being with the right network can expedite your project success.

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We don't make guesses, we work with facts, numbers & advanced intelligence to make key decisions

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Liquidity & Market Making

Enjoy lower volatility, more liquidity with a cleare, more attractive order books and volume to help you get listed on top exchanges & aggregators faster.

Deployment & Development

With over 5+ years of experience, our developers got you covered from token & smart contracts deployment to development of blockchain solutions.

Launch Pad & Token Sales

Looking to raise funds for your project and ideas? Need support with your token sales and how to build momentume to get started? We are equally here for you!

Marketing & Promotions

Knowing the right audience to target + knowing the right channel, platform & the right strategy is our passion. We always deliver great marketing results.

Funding & Capital Injection

Sometimes all that is a needed for that bright idea to blossom is just a little push & support. It takes money to build & create, we are happy to always assist with that.

Listing & Partnerships

Ready to launch your project to the world? Let's help you get the best deals on listing arrangement & secure impoactful & neccsary partnerships for your project.

Our Little Story

Something About Us

Our story is a proof of the power of decentralization. Based on trust, integrity, honor and relationship forged over long years of communication and bonding. We all met on via Telegram & Twitter & realized we all shared the same dreams, beliefs and future. Finally after more meetings and brainstorming sessions, Bluestar Capital was born and together we have not only grown our profits and revenues for ourselves but also for all our friends and clients by over 10,000% over a span of 3-5years. Now we would like to expand and reach out to help more people from all over the world increase their ROIs, grow their portfolios while giving back & supporting new projects and start-ups at the same time. We share similar stories with every member from every Telegram, Discord, Reddit Groups & equally connected to every one participating in crypto-related activities. We are here to help because together we are always more powerful than alone

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We are trusted by more than 500+ clients

From the days of when Ethereum was just less than $300 to the present day value, our core strategy has always been to HOLD, take profits & re-invest. Sometimes we identify, great projects with volatility, lliquidity and other criterias and go in heavy with massive returns and ROI on exit. Other times we are the investors, advisory or project managers or we just support with professional advise & project recommendations but in every encounter with us, we strive to become long term partners and for this reason, our clients trust and believe in us same way we do the projects & start-ups we are invested in.

Focused on Greatness
& Global Impact

We have been forged over the years by experience, expertise, evolution & growth. Our team will always make sure the interest and desired outcomes of our clients, investors & all stake-holders are protected & met. We do not compromise on our core values which includes:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Smart Decision Making
  • Profit & Returns On Investments

Interest & Industry Impact

So Far, We Have Also Helped With
  • Portfolio Management

    Have other businesses you manage or just busy with life/other things & can't afford to dedicate 24hrs of everyday to crypto and industry update? Don't miss out on opportunities any more. Let's manage your porfolio for you, recommend best times for entry & best times to sell for massive gains
  • Audits & Valuation

    It's that time to file the books again either for taxes or just for accounting purposes and reviews Or maybe you are looking to secure some venture capital funding and need to know the value of your company and assets, Our experts are here to make sure everything gets done properly, appropriately & professional
  • Investment Planning

    Looking to add a few zeros to your portfolio but with the information over load & required analysis, not clear which move to make? Speak with us today at a free session where our representatives discuss how to take the burden off you while you earn returns & achieve your portfolio targets at the same time.
  • Merger & Acquisition

    In corporate finance & business generally, mergers and acquisitions are always happening around the corner. We have seen such similar deals happen in crypto too. Looking to merge or acquire an agency or a crypto-project? Let us save you the hassles, the band and forths & bottlenecks involved in these deals.
  • Business Matching

    Have a business idea or innovative project you'd like to embark on but need a structure, a team, a partner or people to work with? Let us assit you with getting connected with individuals, professionals and companies that share your interest, objectives & vision. Together you can grow exponentially & achieve more
  • Wealth Preservation & Cryptocurrency Advisory

    Looking to dive into the crypto-space & worried about the preservation of your wealth? Or looking to launch your own project & concerned about how to go about it? We offer professional consultancy & advisory services. Let our experienced team help you demystify all concerns

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Our goal is to be at the heart of the cryptocurrency space & decentralized financial industry as the ecosystem expand across the globe while ensuring high returns & profits for all our clients & stakeholders

Kodi R. WilliamsInvestors Relations & Partner - Bluestar Capital
While some prefer to remain anonymous &
stay behind the scene, we are proud to share some of
our key members with you.

Meet The Team

On Time & Consistent.

Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics, omni-chan

Professional & Ethical.

Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics, omni-chan

Long Term Vision & Goals.

Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics, omni-chan

Start Early & Buy At The Lowest, Stay Patient & Sell At The Highest

Our formula for generating wealth for our clients has always been simple but most importantly, We are driven by big ideas that will revolutionalize industries, change society & impact the global cryptocurrency space in an innovative, illuminating and positive way. Other reasons why they choose us:

  • Premium service, professioanl expertise beyond your expectation
  • Privacy, Anonymity & Credibility - Leave your worries to us
  • We are not the same as yesterday. We are always growing & evolving.
  • Trust, Integrity & World Class 24/7 Support

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